Product Description

What is Beam2Support?

Beam2Support is a Remote Support and Remote Maintenance solution that enables access to a remote PC over the Internet. It allows companies to more rapidly diagnose problems and more easily implement solutions without the need for on-site visits.

When to use Beam2Support?

Imagine the following scenario: A customer calls the IT helpdesk reporting a technical software or hardware problem with his or her PC. The support representative starts a Beam2Support session with just two mouse clicks. No setup required. The customer then downloads a tiny connection program and enters a 9-digit session ID which they get from the support representative. No installation or configuration required. Instantly, the support representative is able to remotely access the customer PC and resolve the problem immediately. The support representative can perform any task, just as if they were sitting in front of the remote machine. With the file transfer feature, the support representative can even transfer files from their PC to the customer’s PC and vice versa. Furthermore, text can simply be copied and pasted between both computers. The session recording enables the support representative to record all the tasks they perform step by step in a proprietary file format. This way, anything that was changed on the customer’s PC can be easily proven.

What are the advantages of Remote Support?

Beam2Support yields higher customer satisfaction levels and lowers overall support costs. Customers expect technical incidents to be resolved upon the first call. This is exactly what the support representative achieves with Beam2Support. Furthermore, since no on-site visit is required the customer support process can be improved while at the same time reducing customer support cost.
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